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  1. Where there’s a man there’s a van – whenever you see a parked van there’s likely to be some activity around it. Consult your mirrors and be prepared to adjust speed and/or position.
  2. Unlicensed equals unpredictable – anything that’s on the road and unlicensed can be unpredictable. This includes pedestrians, cyclists, and animals. Think of them, and for them. Consult your mirrors and be prepared to adjust speed and/or position.
  3. Tight bite – this describes the limited movement [the thickness of a £1 coin either side of the biting point] of the clutch pedal when manoeuvring slowly. This includes angled starts, reversing and so on, where very precise control is required.
  4. BOBs and TOMs – looking out for BOBs and TOMs – the initials stand for Boys on Bikes and Tearaways on Motorbikes. A reminder to consult your mirrors to look out for two-wheelers who are vulnerable road users. They have little protection in the event of a crash so therefore are much more likely to suffer serious injury. Think of them and for them.
  5. LOUT – the initials stand for Look Over Under and Through. An ideal way to anticipate the hazards around parked vehicles. Look for clues – for example, seeing the vehicle driver in their door mirror will help you to anticipate and plan your drive. Consult your mirrors and be prepared to adjust speed and/or position.
  6. Mirrors in pairs – when consulting mirrors, do so in pairs. For example before steering right consult the interior mirror first [this will give you a life-size view, enabling you to judge accurately the speed, position and intentions of following traffic], and then the right door mirror [this gives a convex view, where things appear smaller and further away than they actually are]. Using the mirrors in that order: giving you the fullest picture possible. Then act sensibly on what you see. See the book 1771 Driving for more tips and advice.PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DRIVING TEST WILL BE CHANGING AS FROM MONDAY 04 DECEMBER 2017. ALL CHANGES ARE DETAILED IN THIS BOOK.ALTERNATIVELY, CHAT TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR OR CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS.
  7. Tyres and Tarmac – when stopping behind other cars, ensure you can see ‘tyres and tarmac’ to ensure sufficient space in case the vehicle in front stalls or rolls backwards.Follow us on Instagram @estrela_driver_training

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